River State Redemption Prayer Initiative

Dear Watching Ones, you are invited to join in a corporate redemptive mobilization for Wisconsin. The following represents an overview of the vision and mission of this initiative, River State Redemption.
Vision: To shift Wisconsin into her redemptive identity by mobilizing leaders, watchmen and intercessors toward a corporate prayer initiative for the 72-counties of Wisconsin.
Purpose: To create redemptive connection across Wisconsin counties through prayer, decrees and worship gatherings.
To organize and facilitate a statewide prayer strike in each Wisconsin county, culminating in a corporate worship gathering in Belmont, Wisconsin.
Timeframe: Passover, 2022
Strategy: Identify and mobilize 12-leaders who will oversee 6 counties. Within those counties, the identified leader will mobilize prayer groups, houses of prayer and other similar groups that are already mobilizing and praying in the county they are watching over.
Corporate Gathering: The initiative leads toward a corporate worship gathering in Belmont or Madison. All 72-counties should be in attendance via Zoom or on-site. A document will be drafted that will represent a spiritual constitution for Wisconsin and will overturn the iniquitous structures that came in through unjust laws, intellectualism and occult structures.
I hope this brief overview helps to explain the mission of the River State Redemption Initiative. This initiative is not intended to dishonor any of the valuable prayer work that has been done and continues to be done in Wisconsin. My intent is to help to shift Wisconsin into her kingdom identity and allow the rivers of God to flow in a new way.
Feel free to share this with as many leaders, watchmen and intercessors as possible. You can forward emails of interested persons to info@drvjalston.org.
Venner Alston
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