Lifeonaire, an uncommon approach to life.

Have you read Lifeonaire yet or listen to the podcast?
Lifeonaire is an uncommon approach to life. In the book, Steve Cook challenges us to consider what it is that we really desire out of life. Through this fictional story, he shares how Americans blindly pursue financial wealth–thinking that money will reward them with what they want–and helping them discover that their heart’s desire is really to become more than just a millionaire…they discover what they really desire is to become a Lifeonaire.
Steve is a follower of Jesus Christ with a mission to help individuals, couples and entire families step back, take a look at life, create a vision for life and build a work life or business that matches that life vision. Sounds crazy? I thought so as well, but I learned that is works and makes sense. 
Ask yourself, will becoming a millionaire really set you free? How about the American Dream? If we, as a nation, declare freedom to be our number one priority why do so many of us feel less freedom than ever? Americans are working harder than ever to obtain financial success and material possessions based on the delusion that more work will lead to a better life. The typical American is trading away the vast majority of this life in hopes that, someday, they will have enough to experience ‘the good life.’ This tradeoff is the very thing that is robbing many of us of freedom and the ability to enjoy an abundant life…right now.
So, where do we find freedom? What should we pursue? Download a copy of Lifeonaire for free and start your journey today. This link is an affiliate link. If you would prefer, here is a direct link to the Lifeonaire web site where you can also download the e-book for free. Either way, you have nothing to lose. It has changed and continues to change my life and can change yours as well.


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